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Risk Assessment Program

Arete is a USA based company that is associated with energy industry offering business technical consulting and solutions. With 30+ years of experience in serving clients with world-class technology and engineering solutions, Arete standout as one of the best result oriented consulting company.
Platform/OS Angular js, Nodejs, Express js
Category Finance


  • User-Role Based Access Control: To ensure stringent security, role-based access control was assigned by the system to prevent unauthorized users to access the resources.
  • Customizable Risk Templates: In order to perform risk assessment, dynamic custom risk templates were created to serve clients business requirement in best possible manner.
  • Perform Risk Assessment Process Generate Assessment Reports: A comprehensive and systematic risk assessment system developed to generate a different type of statistics and analytics reports like a bar chart, heat maps, pie chart and a lot more based on proper inputs.
  • Scalable To Saas Base: Versatile risk management module development that maintains optimal performance level that can be used as SaaS in the near future.


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